Level Up! began on November 23, 2011, but that was the pilot. The official first episode aired on January 24, 2012. Below is the list of episodes.

Season 1: 2012Edit

  1. Barbarian
  2. A Heart-Worming Tale
  3. Wyatt Presents: Avatar in 3D
  4. Bicyclops
  5. Leroy
  6. Hampire Weeknight
  7. Sole Provider
  8. Max-Squared
  9. Blast-a-ton 2.0
  10. Charm Bracelet
  11. You Don't Know Jack
  12. Headquarters
  13. Acid Spittin' Mini Dragon
  14. Leveling Up
  15. The Conspiracy Club
  16. Wanted
  17. The Dark Marts
  18. The Swirling Giver
  19. Invizio's Revenge
  20. Heckfire Tiger
  21. Wyatt Crosses Over
  22. So You Think You Can Go to the Dance?

Season 2: 2012-2013Edit

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